Sunday, 5 January 2014

                                                      MASTERCHEF USA 2013!
                 Yeay,  a lot of cookies!!! hehe

     Hello guys! It has been a long time I didn’t post my blog about my stories. Some of us might be very fascinating about the MasterChef Malaysia or maybe MasterChef Celebrity Malaysia. Am I right? Yeah, to see your favourite celebrity like Che Ta and Zain Saidin cooked their dishes on air will be something once in your lifetime. Ha-ha, I am just thinking.
     It quiet hard to see them, I mean a BEAUTIFUL LADY like Che Ta cooking in front of people. How she is going to cook and keep on to be so stunning at the same time? This is not what I am going to tell you. Actually, I have been watched MasterChef USA 2013! It might be so wonderful ladies and gentlemen. Ha-ha, Seems like I want to debate with you. But believe me, I am not going to debate to anyone. Hoho
     I want to tell you how I am mad in love with MasterChef USA 2013. At that time, I was at my auntie’s house. I was so bored and I did not know what to do. So, I decided to go at the living room and watched some movies, dramas and advertisements. Ha-ha. My auntie also did not know what to watch on television, so this is my huge opportunity to take over the programs on television. Ha-ha, Seems like I am cruel person. It’s not like that. I am just enjoying the time. Yeah!
     For me, this is a very good story to watch for people who are very like to cook. Unlike me, I like to cook but sometimes I felt so lazy. Hehe. It is not I am going to talk about my bad attitude (someone corrected me, I said altitude, THANKS DEAR), but I want to see me insight of them persevere to get the title of MasterChef USA 2013. Believe me, it was not an easy task to cook the dishes with the time given. You needed to keep on cooking and focusing what you wanted to cook. If I was there, I would be the first to go back and fail to get the next level. Trust me!
     However, they had a strong believe to be the next MasterChef of USA! I saw one of them who were terribly lost his life because the big accident, has been the operation due to lose his eyes and hands but still wanted to cook. He disagreed that the accident would not change him to be the one MasterChef of USA. 

     Unfortunately, he did not get the judges attention. But I was saluting him because he left the program with a smile on his face. That was so hard to do if I was at his place. Remember, “Being positive is very good in your life even though it might hurt you
     So, this story is not about to be the one who wins the title, it also about to be positive no matter what happens. Due to be positive, you will lead yourself to get what you want in your life with a pure heart :)

p/s: I love Luca attitude and his cooking! (Masterchef USA Season 4 Finale 2013) 
-Luca vs Natasha-

From yang FAMOUS : Nur Aliya ;)

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